My Family

It has been a little longer than I’d like since I last posted but I want to reassure you that I am alive and actively working to get my business going. Can I just say it takes a LOT to get it off the ground?! But it’s good. 🙂

In addition to the business I am a homeschooling mom of 5, one of whom is about to graduate!!  (How does this happen so quickly?!!) We live in the beauty of the country which I occasionally take fun pictures of and put on my instagram account:Here. I have found myself spread out a bit on the world wide web LOL.

This is my family and I this past Christmas. From left to right back row: Me (Kcaarin. please forgive the wonky scarf. If I remember correctly I had just been bending down to see what was wrong with my youngest), Silv, Dante, my husband Scott. Front row: Addy, Ellie, Tal.15665766_10210751416157717_1335572511877159145_n

My husband and I have been beyond blessed with these five children. Our oldest, Dante is gone a lot with school, work and friends so I don’t have any recent pictures of him. However I should be taking his senior pictures soon so you’ll get to see more of him later.

As children get older I find they don’t like to get their picture taken as much. This is a quick snap shot of Silv doing what he loves, taking a computer class.

My sweet T.  Joyful, loving, fun. Everything I could ever want in an oldest girl.


Addy, my only true ‘middle child’ who has the BIGGEST servants heart I could ever hope to have in my children. She loves to help and will put others needs above her own if I don’t watch her. IMG_2787

Finally Ellie, my youngest. She embodies everything a youngest should be with her crazy antics and amazing sense of humor.


And that is a small snapshot of us. I am going to put up a senior session I did last year as soon as I can. In the meantime if you need senior pictures done, give me a call!



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